There’s always room to grow

What’s your favourite fitness class? Is it Circuit, Tabata, Spinning, Boxercise, Ketllebells or is it Body Pump? There are just so many group fitness classes out there, it’s impossible to choose! What if we said you could use your passion for fitness classes and become a fully qualified instructor? All you would need to do … Continue reading There’s always room to grow

Becoming a GP referral specialist

You’ve got all your personal training qualifications and achieved a wealth of experience within our industry, why not take your career further and become a GP referral specialist? Becoming a GP referral specialist means you’re at the top of your career ladder and in demand. Medical professionals will have patients that require specialist attention from … Continue reading Becoming a GP referral specialist

Swapping Roles

Have you considered utilising your skills and experience to become a tutor for the fitness industry? You could use your personal training qualifications and experience from the personal trainer courses and from your career to help guide others into an equally successful career. You have to remember that everyone who is working within the fitness … Continue reading Swapping Roles

Just cruising along

Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, have you taking part in any of the fitness activities? Were you aware about the various amounts of fitness activities that cruise ship guests can attend and get stuck into? Well if you love to travel and fancy doing something different with your personal training qualifications, … Continue reading Just cruising along

Benefits of outdoor fitness

When the weather is as glorious as it has been over the last few days, it would be a shame not to make the most of it – we do live in the UK after all! Gyms can get a little overheated and sweaty during warm temperatures, which isn’t ideal, which is why you should … Continue reading Benefits of outdoor fitness

All gone bananas!

How much do you enjoy eating bananas? Enough to eat 30 whole bananas a day and nothing else? No, we didn’t think so! Well the latest new diet to present itself on our dinner plates is the 30 Bananas a Day diet, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I know we … Continue reading All gone bananas!

Taking the burpees leap forward into a new career path

Without sounding bias, the health and fitness world is one of the best industries to work in as there are endless opportunities for individuals to pursue a successful career, learn a new set of skills and achieve new qualifications almost every day, it’s rewarding and you get to work with a range of clients all … Continue reading Taking the burpees leap forward into a new career path

Spinning your way to the top

Spin classes are without doubt one of the most popular group fitness classes around. This particular fitness class involves an endurance challenge, but it also carries many benefits that will keep you and your body in tip top condition. It’s no wonder that so many fitness enthusiasts are eager to sign up to these classes, … Continue reading Spinning your way to the top

Punching your way to the top

Having a passion for the work that you do is a crucial part in anyone’s day to day job, and to enjoy what we do as a career is a bonus. Fortunately, the health and fitness industry ticks off all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect career. There are so many opportunities … Continue reading Punching your way to the top

You’ve got to pump it up

Firstly, have you ever taken part in a BodyPump fitness class? If you have, you’ll understand the benefits that this fitness class carries, how intense the session is and how it can be quite difficult for the first few times you go. The pain the next day after your first class is on a whole … Continue reading You’ve got to pump it up